Talented indie pop band Lany have set a path that will lead to them conquering all the major venues for they have the fire that is needed for that. Not only is that what we feel at indietude, but the guys have made sure to let all who listen to their music know that they are willing and able to push on and move forward with their sound, their lyrics and the of course with each other. "We knew we wanted a four-letter word because of design and aesthetic purposes, but as you can imagine, all the four-letter words in the entire world are taken. We moved to acronyms and for a while we thought we would be TTYL, but then we decided we didn’t want to be 13 for the rest of our lives. I eventually thought of the span across the country from L.A. to New York, and at first I was thinking it would be L-A-N-Y, but people kept getting confused on how to pronounce it when I told them, saying things like 'L-A-and-Y?' So then we’re like forget it—let's call ourselves LANY, pronounced Lay-Nee."
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